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Fear Garden (collab) :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 17 2 iki wo yamera no ima :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 7 7 A story untold (comic) :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 9 4 Follow Me PAGE 4 :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 8 1 Meet me, the artist :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 13 37 ~Rule the WORLD~ :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 12 3 Follow Me PAGE 3 :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 11 0 Follow Me PAGE 2 :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 11 13 FOLLOW ME PAGE 1 :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 14 2 Follow Me (COMIC I'M ACTUALLY GONNA MAKE!) :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 12 0 Matryoshka :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 19 15 Is it Fine if We ReMaIn like THIS?! :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 12 2 Can you Read it? :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 9 2 What u doing now Sundi :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 11 0 Disturbia in the 1s and 0s :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 16 8 Street Lights :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 11 5


Spring :iconlemurka2000:Lemurka2000 14 10 Funtimes :iconlemurka2000:Lemurka2000 15 8 Funtime Foxy :iconlemurka2000:Lemurka2000 23 15 Spring :iconlemurka2000:Lemurka2000 13 3 Sprezyste :iconlemurka2000:Lemurka2000 13 5 ... :iconlemurka2000:Lemurka2000 24 26
Popular Girl
I sat down eagerly ready to learn everyone flooded into the classroom almost like a wave flooding a beach. The tall brown haired popular girl and her "squad" sat down in their sets giving each other silent words that all of them could somehow understand. As they silently "talked" I felt nervous as if I knew they were talking about me. The leader,the tall brown haired girl looked at me and gave me a glare so did her squad. They looked at me with disgusted faces. I felt as if a million knifes were piercing through my skin as they quickly turned away in disgust.
:iconenberthecat:enberthecat 1 49
Tick tick tick
The clock ticked as time flowed by
Tick tick tick
The ticks of the clock slowly drove me into insanity
Tick tick tick
The insanity swallowed me whole until I was falling deep into the darkness
Tick tick tick
:iconenberthecat:enberthecat 2 15
I love you
I've been really sad lately
And you have been here the whole time
You've loved me and cared for me
And I haven't been really good at saying it but...I love you my little sunshine~
:iconenberthecat:enberthecat 2 12
Willingtale ask #2 :iconenberthecat:enberthecat 3 3 Willingtale ask #1 :iconenberthecat:enberthecat 2 22 Ask willing tale sans and papy :iconenberthecat:enberthecat 1 10 .I Want to be Rich and I Want Lots of Money. :iconcaramelcraze:CaramelCraze 339 23 .Senbozakura. :iconcaramelcraze:CaramelCraze 345 25 .Dollmart. :iconcaramelcraze:CaramelCraze 337 30 .Clothes Pin Weeb. :iconcaramelcraze:CaramelCraze 316 16



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Can't say I haven't been trying
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

I hate life, have tried to kill myself, and have only a couple people who like me offline. Don't judge, you'll be sorry. Don't hurt me or my friends or you will pay. My B-day is October 11th. I'm a tad not right. All the best people are. BTW I ship Locket x Enber (enberthecat's oc), Locket x Nightmare, Locket x Lizzy (Briettatheskeleton's oc) Golden Shadow (84911's oc) x Bonnie, Springle, Freddica, TB x Bonnie, TB x Mangle, Foxtrap, Fronnie, Fonnie, Goldentrap, Golden Freddy x Moonlight (KyraTheWolf0001 's oc), Springtrap x Bonnie, Toy Fronnie, SpringBon x Fredbear, Nightmare x Nightmare Fredbear, LOLbit x White Rabbit, White Rabbit x Redbear, Shadow Fronnie, SpringBon x Foxy, Springionette, Nightmare Fronnie, Nightmare Freddica, TC x Mangle, Balloraby, Mangle x Golden Freddy, SpringBon x Springpai (idek where this idea became a thing, but I ship it), Phantom Mangle x Nightmare Foxy (yes, that's the only version of Fangle I can think of that isn't wrong in my perspective), TB x Funtime foxy, and Goldienette so deal with it. And I have a girlfriend. (I'm flipping bi deal with it people) I've been thinking suicide and so maybe you don't push me over the edge so I die. Because life just hurts sometimes. For me, it's all the time . Yeah, you wouldn't know that though.I hope your parents don't do the same thing that mine do. Now I have way too many AUs, but you can ask to join them! I never delete what I wrote on my bio from the past, so it's mainly the stuff nearest to the bottom of my bio that's current/recent. I call my CLOSE friends my gingersnaps bc I want to.
I'm doing an ask/dare series, but I need asks/dares! please give me some of those!

gonna try to do animations for the first time soon, so stay tuned peepo!
I love it when my gingersnaps get along!

Enber x Locket x Lizzy is my ot3 now X3

my girlfriend is enberthecat only though
don't get that idea confused.
The smol childs (my squad bc we don't have a name yet I think)


Sorry I haven't been around more!
My parents took my phone away again
Haven't had time for talking to you guys and it's killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways I'm improving my style for humans and working on my anthro style, but nothing really changed for the anthro style! I'm also reading a bunch of manga lately (yeah I'm an otaku)
I'm fixing my style for humans with the help of my books!…
If anyone ever acted like this over me I swear I'd have a heart attack or run for my life
Possibly both
I might let them catch me out of curiosity 
No one acts like this over me though I bet
Fear Garden (collab)
Grabbing the right (arm/tail), pulling, pulling!

And so the plans of 84911 and I to get "rid" of our enemies when we get older. Meantime, if u like very strange and actually good songs, go listen to Fear Garden. It's Kagamine Rin, so what did you expect?
iki wo yamera no ima
Iki wo yamera no ima
Iki wo yamera no ima
Iki wo yamera no ima
Iki wo yamera no ima
Iki wo yamera no ima

Happy St. Patrick's day
If you can even call it happy.......
I don't wanna feel anything anymore!!!
Watch "[60fps Full風] Magnet マグネット-Hatsune Miku Megurine Luka 初音ミク 巡音ルカ DIVA English lyrics romaji subtitles" on YouTube

For enberthecat
A story untold (comic)
So yeah!
Bet u dunno who this is,
So comment if you'd stay there
If you wouldn't then don't comment I guess
Can someone tell me a simple answer to this question?
How does one draw fnaf/Fnaf shipping/fnaf comics whilst blasting Vocaloid into their ears? Just how?
Follow Me PAGE 4
I know it's only one scene but srsly gimme a break! The whole building is on firreeeeee!

Hey where did Fredbear Razz & SpringBon go?....
Meet me, the artist
So this is literally almost everything about me that I know how to explain. Trust me, there's more, but I can't put that stuff to words! So, hope you learned a lil bit about me!
My fabu siblings
valeferrati Linkfan990 FuntimeBreddy9
My lovely girlfriend
My Kindred Souls
enberthecat and foxypokeshade
Oh wait one more thing!
I'm the fnaf shipping queen!
Well this dude is just a motherfucking cunt
I'm just trying to defend my friend
Guess I just found a faggot without a life!
Plus, who gives a DAMN what this fucker thinks? (Sorry bout the language I'm just a bit pissed off atm)

embedded_item1489026962541 by Sundapple1011
So if I did a meet the artist meme would u guys be interested?
~Rule the WORLD~
Wareware wa itsuka issho ni sekai o shihai surudeshou Ameria
I swear to you, Enber, one day we'll rule the WORLD together~
I don't care what they say, but one day you'll be the queen of the World, that's a promise I make to you~
One day we'll rule the WORLD together~
I love you babe~
Too much to put to words~
Follow Me PAGE 3
Fredbear has made his choice. But was there much else he could do anyway?
Razz u r insane! Oh wait I made u like that so X3

Heyo ppl who read this! Just wanna say tysm bc this is my first time doing this!
I try to make it exciting, I really do. I hope I did a good job! I plan continue this thing for a long time yet so be ready for more of it!
And 4 those of u following this comic, do u want SpringBon dead or alive? I already got a plan but I wanna see what would happen!
Follow Me PAGE 2
Razz grabbed the cigarette lighter and cigarette box from Fredbear. This isn't gonna end well for those two. Razz has officially gone insane. He's been sick for the past year, and two days ago was released from the hospital / repair room, deemed healthy enough to perform. Being the kind bear he is, Razz happily got back to work, but at what cost to the others? Fredbear why didn't u quit while u had the chance???

I hope you like it guys. I'm trying really super hard to start comics (seeing as I suck at it) and trying to get better. Maybe then I could make a better comic sonetime later.

Welp what's he gonna do? Find page 3 to see!
Idk if I should color it but just enjoy!
*throws the comic at u
I plan to continue it
It's a story.... maybe X3
So if u don't know
Razz is the pre-shadow/nightmare ShadFred. He's very kind and amiable. His best friend, FredBear has a smoking problem. Those two are the first ones awake during the nights, always trying to get something done about an addiction of Fredbear's. But Razz was gone for a while, (about a month) but is now back after recovering from repairs.
The kids missed Razz, and he missed being around the kids. But he's so concerned about Fredbear that he can't focus on getting better.

Hope u guys like. This took me fuking 2 hours to think of so yeah
I'm actually making a comic that's gonna be continued
It's an actual story this time. This is only the cover

Did u all know that I think ShadFred is the de-nightmarifyed version of Nightmare himself? That's an important detail to this story so keep that in mind okay?
I may not know what they're saying but I love the song anyway!

This is just a small and different outfit for Raine. (Okay she wears it all the time)

Also I wish I could stop learning Spanish and start learning Japanese
I plan on moving to Japan (possibly with enberthecat) when I'm allowed to. I've always wanted to go there. Or maybe even Italy! Only with her consent, of course. But wouldn't being in Japan just be amazing? I'm gonna go there someday, permanently or not, just to see it or to live it!
Is it Fine if We ReMaIn like THIS?!
*throws more fanart of that song at u

Yas this is how I feel on the inside sometimes


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